S E E D. Festival :: Stroud, UK
Jul 9

S E E D. Festival :: Stroud, UK

planting big ideas.


Vendor Village + 2 Classes

Saturday 6 PM -- Seeds of Remembrance 

Sunday 4 PM -- Unlock & Receive the Plants & Trees.  A voyage with Medicinal Aromatherapy.

Remembering HER: Week #1
6:00 pm18:00

Remembering HER: Week #1

  • True Nature Healing Arts

4 Mondays Devoted to the Feminine.


Song. Nature. Dance. Chocolate. Essential Oils. Poetry. Music.



"If God is the hive and the honeybee, and pollen and nectar and sun and moon, then I believe in her and I believe in her at every moment, and my life is a prayer and a celebration and a communion with the eyes and through the ears. I honor her by living spontaneously, as a woman who opens her eyes and truly sees, and I call her the hive and the honeybee and pollen and sun and moon, and I love her without thinking of her, and I think of her by seeing and hearing, and I am with her, I." ~ The Bee Mistress


Rise of the Rose
May 15

Rise of the Rose

  • True Nature Healing Arts

A full weekend immersion, devoted to feminine power, creativity, beauty & wisdom.  Collectively traversing the ancient territory of meditation, mantra, sacred movement and more; we will dive into the realms of the Rose and her many forms, inviting greater Self-discovery and ultimately, the great sweetness of Self-Love. Each woman will be taught to create her own Seed of Remembrance Prayer Mala, made of 108 genuine Rose Quartz gemstone beads.

Friday May 13th :: ACTIVATE :: 6 - 9 pm

Introduction & Opening Ceremony 

Saturday May 14th :: AWAKEN & ALIGN :: 10:30 am - 4:30 pm

Embodiment Ritual, Learn, Create, Meditate

Sunday May 15th ::ADORN :: 10:30 am - 2:30 pm

Reflections & Closing Ceremony 


Offering $333 (Includes all materials, treats & tea)

 Maximum 13 People.

Please sign up by New Moon, May 6th!

Contact TNHA to Register: 970.963.9900


Nourishing the Vital Essences
Apr 28

Nourishing the Vital Essences

  • True Nature Healing Arts

3 Thursday Evenings Devoted to Self-Care, Self-Awareness & Self Love!

April 14: OJAS ~ Regeneration ~ 6 - 8 pm

April 21: PRANA ~ Cultivation ~ 6 - 8 pm

April 28: TEJAS ~ Radiance ~ 6 - 8 pm

During this 3 week series, we will step into the Vital (subtle) essences.  These essences are delicately woven into every aspect of our lives and are named: Ojas, Prana & Tejas.  We will learn the basics of these principles and how to practically support their existence within our own being.  Students will be given treats & tools for maintaining balance amidst changing times and invited deeper into cherished relations with one's self! 

Space is Limited: To sign up, contact True Nature Healing Arts 970.963.9900



Sri: The Art within the Altar!
1:00 pm13:00

Sri: The Art within the Altar!

  • Shakti Shala

Sri: Resplendence, Beauty, Auspiciousness.

To create an altar.. One must first be willing to "Get Altared"! To actively change one's consciousness with the intent to draw in the present energies and Create from a place of openness.

Join Alexa as we dive into the quiet realms of Listening, Self-Trust & Simple Expression.

We will practice yoga, dance, learn and hopefully giggle. Bring your Big Beautiful Heart and Open Mind.