:: W I S D O M  OF THE   E A R T H :: 

  • Located in Sedona, AZ
  • High Quality, Medicinal Grade
  • Over 260+ single (Ingredient), pure, hand-poured essential essences (oils) imported from wonderful, passionate farmers all over the world.
  • Ceremonially poured ~ these products are treated with the utmost reverence.
  • Tools and sacred allies during this time of immense transformation on the planet.


"WOTE’S Mission and Contract with Gaia can be Enunciated as Follows:

(taken directly from website)

1)  Helping hold space for Gaia during Her transformation.

2)  Pursuing the understanding of how and why the Plant and Tree Kingdoms’s pure, single, ingredient Essences are allies in raising our consciousness—spiritually, emotionally and physically.

3)  Specific to #1 & #2 is the interface of the Essences with the Ascension process, with focused interest on:

A)  How the pure single ingredient Essences support Divine Love.

B)  How Essences support the coming reunion with Cosmic Sisters and Brothers & Families/Pods.

C)  How Essences support our work with our Angels, Guides and Higher Self.

D)  How Essences support accessing our soul and living authentically.

E)  How Essences support our work in raising our consciousness to a higher dimension—beyond our present 3rd dimension—to where only Divine Love is present.

F)  How Essences support our individual journeys in our self-love, self-compassion and self-forgiveness work, and then out to others from a deep heart space.  If we can feel our fears and not deny them, we can detach from them.

G)  How Essences support our physical bodies in the face of dis-ease, the tumult caused by humans’ interference in the health of Mother Earth, and the Ascension symptoms that many are experiencing.

4)  WOTE works with both humans and animals to raise the frequency of their bodies to help prevent disease and common ailments, and to enhance the quality of their lives.

A blessing to each and every one of you on this most auspicious journey that each of us has chosen in our own unique way.  We thank you for your interest and support."


:: W H Y ::

Alexa has chosen to work with these specific essences because they are, in her opinion, the highest quality product on the market.  They are more than just an essential oil. They are pure, living consciousness, here to support and re-awaken us to our sacred remembrance of who we really are. If we are open to the magic they provide, our lives will surely be changed for the better.