:: P E R S O N A L I Z E D ::

A one-on-one consultation to discuss your special Seeds of Remembrance Creation. We will listen for the mantra that is suitable for your needs & discuss the appropriate gemstones to support your overall intention for the piece.  Alexa will create the mala for you using her own intuitive voice & inner magic.

P U R C H A S E   I N   S H O P !!   Prices begin at $222

:: W A T E R    B L E S S I N G ::

We will take a journey to the water to be nourished, meditate, chant & enliven your new Seeds of Remembrance. You will be given guidance on how to keep your mala and your mind/body/spirit fresh!  We will finish with tea and snacks. 

:: L E A R N :: C R E A T E::

D A Y   R E T R E A T.

Themed & Focused.  You will be taught how to create your own prayer mala.  The day is curated to suit your intention and includes practice, meditation + breath work, mantra (which will be tied into your mala), healthy meal, tea & chocolate.

One-On-One $555

Group: $333/Person

(Price does not include gemstones and varies based on location)

:: I M M E R S I O N :: C E R E M O N Y ::

W E E K E N D   G E T A W A Y.

Drenched in Self-Love. An expansion on the Full Day Retreat.  We will dive into the subtle realms of Creation as Ceremony -- Unlocking the Hand/Heart connection and awakening the Inner Creatress/Creator. Each person will leave having designed, hand-tied & completed their own Seeds of Remembrance 108 Prayer Mala.  This includes a river blessing, writing and so much more...


(Price does not include gemstones, and varies based on location & number of participants)