:: P E R S O N A L I Z E D ::

A one-on-one consultation with Alexa to discuss your special Seeds of Remembrance Creation. We will unlock the mantra that is suitable for your needs and discuss the appropriate gemstones to support your overall intention for the piece.  Alexa will create the mala for you using her own intuitive voice and inner magic.

P U R C H A S E   I N   S H O P !!   Prices begin at $222

:: R I V E R  B L E S S I N G ::

We will take a journey to the river to be nourished, meditate, chant and enliven your new Seeds of Remembrance. You will be given guidance on how to keep your mala and your mind/body/spirit fresh!  We will finish with tea and snacks. 

:: L E A R N :: C R E A T E::

D A Y   R E T R E A T.

Themed & Focused.  You will be taught how to create your own prayer mala.  The day is curated to suit your intention and includes practice, meditation + breath work, mantra (which will be tied into your mala), healthy meal, tea & chocolate.

One-On-One $555

Group: $333/Person

(Price does not include gemstones and varies based on location)

:: I M M E R S I O N :: C E R E M O N Y ::

W E E K E N D   G E T A W A Y.

Drenched in Self-Love. An expansion on the Full Day Retreat.  We will dive into the subtle realms of Creation as Ceremony -- Unlocking the Hand/Heart connection and awakening the Inner Creatress/Creator. Each person will leave having designed, hand-tied & completed their own Seeds of Remembrance 108 Prayer Mala.  This includes a river blessing, writing and so much more...


(Price does not include gemstones, and varies based on location & number of participants)